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Bridging the GAP between needed resources and those in need​


Whether this year you are in need of a blessing or want to pay it forward, we are excited for this year's event that assists those in need to help start the next school year off right, with less worry! 

Blessings include a school-grade child specific backpack full of supplies, 2 outfits, underclothes, socks and a jacket. 

See you on August 21st!!!

Click Below to sign up to 



Back 2 School Blessings!

**Due to overwhelming response 

we've had to shut sign ups down early. If you are a member of one of our partner churches they have the password, If not, please check out the Heart Of Giving page on Facebook to find another organization you can get plugged in with!**

We apologize for any inconvenience!

Sign up to Receive supplies for your child(ren)!


for Back 2 School Blessings!

Sign up to Sponsor/ Shop for them personally!

*PPPSSSSSSTTT.....We love this option because you can personally shop, pray over the child and items and even leave an encouraging note that makes them feel seen, special and loved!! and the children love it!


Back 2 School Blessings!

(Please send donations by 8/17/22)

Sign up to give a monetary donation!

*When giving please select* "Back to School Blessings" under "Give to". 

The sponsorships costs are as follows:

Pre-School to 5th: $115

Middle School: $135
High School: $165

****Under note or memo please type which of the 3 groups above you'd like to sponsor.* If you are unable to give the full amount, we encourage everyone to give at their comfort level. God is faithful and will provide for any additional needs!


for Back 2 School Blessings Event!

Sign up to volunteer with us!